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Cloud Edged




Forest Tree




White Noise Falls




Returning (Elevations)












The Lost Houses



Places that Dance / the establishing shot







Alluvium 2





Audiovisual forest installation

Latitude Festival Suffolk 2012

Electric Picnic Festival Dublin 2008 & 2009

Hove Festivalen Norway 2008

Electricity, flashing lights, panoramic sound music, faint female voices and phosphorescent glows induce a midnight teleportation, rescuing our heroine from an infinity in a refrigeration commercial. Situated in a forest with the screen dramatically suspended in the trees, a projected tree identical to those in the surrounding forest creates the stage.

music & imagery Overlap






ALONE TOGETHER Interactive audiovisual installation

A slowly flashing spotlight shines a metre diameter circle on the ground.  Viewers stepping into the circle are captured through a live camera feed and teleported into a series of projected rising bubbles, which float in the darkness only to burst. Alone Together allows you to watch yourself levitate and vaporize to the sound of delicious ascending musical notes of paradise. We’re all in our separate bubbles.


POSTCARD CEILING AV show for layabouts

Lie down, get comfortable and look up at the ceiling screen - a rear projection onto the tent roof. An AV show themed on old post cards and forgotten book pictures, delivered with a conveyer belt - like consistency. The main imagery is contained within large slowly moving circles, with smaller circles containing dials, switches and levers controlling different characteristics of the music volume, tone and picture colour.  The dials will change identity, eg. changing from volume to memory. 1000 places that someone remembers, to an accompaniment of hypnotic, atmospheric, minimalist music exploring twin BPM possibilities with incidental B movie soundtrack references.


SILKSTREAM Responsive transitional painting

Viewed from above, shifting picture planes reveal floating figurines in a gin clear stream. A soundscape of simple note progressions harmonises with metranomic bubbles.


WATERFALL Interactive audiovisual installation

The viewer is confronted by a back projected night time waterfall in a convincing location.  As you move towards Waterfall you may see things, or think you have.  On closer inspection the alluring glimpses will disappear and only water will remain.  Laser beams tripped when approaching alter the mix of imagery – making scrutiny difficult.  Walk away and look again and the wistful characters will have returned. A soundscape of simple note progressions harmonising with the sound of tumbling water will complete the artifice. 






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